Gra Bar Fresh Fish & Seafood
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We carry a wide variety of fresh and frozen products, including high end specialty items. All of our products are hand picked from the market daily, with the specific needs of each of our customers in mind. We pride ourselves on our high standards and we like to deal exclusively with customers that demand the same. Our expert fillet-men will prepare your order only upon request. We never pre-cut anything, and everything is prepared in our refrigerated warehouse.

For our business customers we offer the following services:

Delivery 7 days a week in Long Island, Manhattan and Westchester

Overnight shipping anywhere in the country for orders placed by 10 AM EST

Custom preparation of any order to meet your specifications, including:

  -Whole   -Wheel
  -Portion   -Center Cut
  -Fillet, skin on   -Steak
  -Fillet, skin off   -Dressed
  -Loin   -Pin Bone out

An owner is always on the premises and we like to encourage visitors. So if you would like to come down to meet us and to check out our facilities, contact us and we can schedule a tour. Or, we can come to you.

About Us The Storefront The Market Contact Us