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Fresh Fish
Frozen Products

All of our products are hand selected and are of the highest quality. Our fresh fish and seafood is purchased daily so availability always varies. We are very selective, so if it's not the best, we won't sell it. Contact us to find out what is available or to place an order.

American Sturgeon Salmon Roe
Beluga Sevurga
Osetra Tobiko
Crab Claws
Maine Crab Claws
Florida Crab Claws
Smoked Fish
Hot Smoked Salmon Oysters
Smoked Nova Bay Scallops
Smoked Atlantic Salmon Whole Smoked Whitefish
Pastrami Smoked Salmon Sable
Gravlax Sturgeon
Smoked Red Trout Salted Cod
Smoked Eel
Smoked Whitefish Salad
Smoked Kippered Salad

 Fresh Fish
 Yellowfin Tuna  Wild Striped Bass Red Grouper
 Big Eye Tuna  Black Sea Bass Mahi Mah
 Canadian Salmon  Lemon Sole Florida Pompano
 Organic Salmon  Monkfish Nile Perch
 Scottish Salmon  Barracuda Orange Roughy
 Artic Char  Florida Red Rouget
 John Dory  Snapper Sardine
 Turbot  Domestic Swordfish Skate
 Ono  East Coast Halibut Brook Trout
 Wolf Fish  Farm Raised Catfish Tile Fish
 Red Fish  Black Grouper Bronzini
 Chatam Cod  Wahoo Monchong
 Chilean Sea Bass  Onega Bronzini
 Red Fish  Catfish Hamachi

  Sea Scallops Miscellaneous
Bay Scallops Octopus
Jumbo Crab Meat Squid
Maine Lobsters New Zealand Cockles Whole Crawfish
Soft Shell Crabs (in season) Manilas New Zealand Mussels
Dungoneous crabs East Coast Oysters Maine Steamers
Little Neck Clams, LI Sound West Coast Oysters Periwinkles
PEI Mussels Diver Sea Scallops Mediterranean Mussels
Razor Clams Taylor Bay Scallops

 Frozen Products
Shrimp�Tiger, White Lobster Meat Wakame Salad
Conch Chopped Clams Sea Legs
New Zealand Mussels Prawns Pulpo (Octopus)
Crawfish Lobster Tails, Brazillian Crab Sticks
Dover Sole Tuna
Tobiko Caviar
(Green, Orange, Black, Red)
Frog Legs

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