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We are passionate about what we do and we work with some of the finest and most passionate chefs in our region.

Here is what some of them had to say about us:

For more than 10 years, GraBar has delivered consistent, high quality seafood and exceptional customer service.

Working with Gra Bar, under Bart’s care has allowed us to take the stress out of fish buying. Knowing that quality is never an issue, paired with competitive pricing and accurate weights allows us to focus more on other aspects of our business. Knowing that Bart is there to support us provides the luxury of knowing the seafood our guests are enjoying is always of superior quality. This is a unique quality that goes unmatched by any competitor.

Gra Bar is superior in all facets of their business practice.

The hands on, level of care and attention to detail goes unmatched by any competitor. Product quality and exceptional pricing is gravy to an already amazing experience.

We are truly so grateful for our business relationship.

You have always been supportive of what we do, and have always gone above and beyond to make our jobs even easier. Speaking to Bart, Scott, Dave, & Kelly is always a pleasurable experience and would like to thank you while we can.

The restaurants benefit and our customers benefit.

Weekly text messages to myself and to my chefs with all the weekly specials and pricing, keeps US all at the top of our game.

The superior customer service begins with a simple phone call.

Speaking to Bart, or any other representatives always provides a refreshing experience. Often, I will call to discuss weekly specials, request suggestions and recommendations. The skill and knowledge being offered is impeccable. This level of care, paired with an amazing roster of products, and amazing pricing makes GraBar a no-brainer choice for us.

GraBar is a valued asset to our business.

Gra Bar is the leading provider of fresh fish and seafood, matched to unparalleled customer care and consistently competitive pricing makes them a valued asset to our business.

I’ve known Bart and relied on GraBar for more than 20 years.

The customer service is second to none. They always cater to my needs and fix any problem same day, no questions asked. I’ve come to rely on the quality of the products, 7-day delivery, same day delivery, no minimums and no hassles.

I have opened and four seafood restaurants that run on the seafood from Bart and the team at GraBar.

I’ve known Bart since 2002, meeting him at my first restaurant job. His passion for food, his eye for fresh fish and his personal relationships have made him the best seafood purveyor I’ve ever known. When you can listen to your customers and have compassion for the fisherman, you become likable and everything is easier when your likable. I have opened and four seafood restaurants that run on the seafood from Bart and the team at Grabar.

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