Why GraBar?


Our Standards

Our Standards

Our goal is to consistently deliver the freshest, highest quality, responsibly-caught seafood from healthy oceans, and to do all that we can to raise industry standards, encourage responsible fishing, inspire creativity in the kitchen, and improve the quality of the food that makes it to our plates.


What you can rely on:

  • Every order is hand cut and separately prepared for the needs of each individual chef or institution. We do not mass-cut or pre-cut anything.
  • All cutting is done in a refrigerated cooler and is never exposed to a warmer climate at any time during the preparation process.
  • Fish handlers always wear gloves when handling products so the only bare hands that will ever touch your product is yours.
  • Every delivery is made in a refrigerated truck so ideal storage temperatures are maintained at all times.


We greatly value our industry and our clients and that is why we only ever deliver the best of the catch to our customers. And for us, the best means taking into consideration every detail of every item we sell. It is our business to worry about all of the following so you don’t have to:

  • Product quality; size, color, texture, and taste
  • Seasonal availability
  • Reputation of the supplier
  • Waters fished
  • Time from harvest to you

We also take great care of our employees as they are the ones who make it possible for us to take such great care of you. We pay livable wages, provide healthcare and invest in their retirement. Our employees are biggest investment and our greatest asset.


Sustainable seafood is seafood that’s managed and fished in ways that support healthy fish populations and healthy ocean environments so that we can all enjoy seafood for years to come. We pay very close attention to every step of the supply chain and do our best to work with suppliers and fishermen who support sustainable fishing practices whenever possible. And every custom order is delivered in a reusable plastic tote eliminating 1000’s of pounds waste each month from the disposal of corrugated delivery boxes.

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